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Pen Pal Exchange

Increasing Cultural Awareness | Building Lasting Friendships | Overcoming Stereotypes


From these letters I realized that people from the U.S. are kind hearted and nice. Before the exchange, I thought people from the U.S. were unfriendly, but now my views have totally changed. You are now my best friend. Good friends are a blessing of God.

BUSHRA, Age 13, Pakistan

The pen pal exchange has helped me realize how similar my life is to kids in Pakistan. It was interesting for me to see all of the similarities and differences between our lives and has helped me realize that at the end of the day, we are all just kids and their country is not that different from our own.

ANNIKA, Age 15, United States

We are very grateful and pray for America. I think people from the U.S. are great and friendly, and this exchange of letters totally changed my views about the U.S. and I am very lucky to have a friend like you.

TOSEEF, Age 14, Pakistan

My thoughts have totally changed about the U.S., especially after this pen pal program. I learned that U.S. people are very nice and they take care of needy people, which I think is the best purpose of being human.

NOUMAN, Age 14, Pakistan

This pen pal program has caused me to shift my views on Pakistani society. Before writing to my pen pal, I had no frame of reference as to what childhood was like in Pakistan and what national pride looked like there. However, after participating in this exchange, I feel much closer to understanding Pakistan, as teenagers in both the U.S. and Pakistan are very similar and share a lot of pride in their nations.

JAMES, Age 15, United States

Americans are very well disciplined, energetic, and trustworthy people. After this exchange I realized that you are interested in Pakistani culture and that means a lot to me.

SONIA, Age 14, Pakistan

Pen Pal Exchange

Pen Pal Exchange

Pen Pal Exchange

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