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Ways to Donate

All donations to Power to Pakistan go to Moqah Foundation through a site called Global Giving.
What Does My Donation Achieve


One child's uniform and shoes for a year


School supplies


Tuition for one year for one child


Desks and chairs for one classroom


Sponsor a child for three years

Quality books for a school of over 150 students


Sponsor one classroom for one year


Enable girls in top 15% of the class to attend secondary school


Why Are Donations Given to Moqah Foundation?
All  Moqah Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Bhara Kahu, Pakistan. Power to Pakistan directs all donations to the NPO so that the money can reach the schools and students in Pakistan in the most effective and efficient way. Moqah Foundation supplies academic scholarships to youth living in poverty throughout Pakistan to improve human rights and alleviate conditions of poverty. Moqah Foundation is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and has highly audited accounts and a strong structure to move this work forward on their own. 
What is Global Giving?
Global Giving makes it easy and safe for you to give to local projects anywhere in the world. It performs rigorous due diligence on every organization in the Global Giving community in order to ensure they are performing charitable work in a transparent and accountable manner,
and that they meet local requirements for registration with their local government. The projects on Global Giving go through a rigorous due diligence review, satisfy IRS guidelines for international grant-making and tax deductibility, and follow Treasury Department guidelines for anti-terrorism.
Global Giving collects and reviews documentation for every organization, including its legal documents, financial records, program materials, and lists of senior staff and board members, in order to validate that the organization is running the project as described. It also evaluates the organization’s capacity to implement activities and communicate about its work, and it researches the organization’s relationship with previous funders. Finally, Global Giving ensures that the organization is compliant with anti-terror guidelines and international guidelines for philanthropy.

Other Ways to Support the Cause

Purchase COVID-19 Masks $10
Purchase a Summiya Scarf
Summiya 4.png
Purchase a Pakistani Cookbook
Cookbook 40.JPG
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