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The Pakistani Cookbook was created out of our Pakistani pen pals' recipes and includes our pen pals' letters and pictures. The book features 15 authentic and delicious Pakistani recipes. 

Pakistani Cookbook

Power to Pakistan showed a clip from the documentary, Girl Rising, to the Aspen High School in order to promote awareness of worldwide human trafficking.  


Power to Pakistan hosted a virtual 5k during the time of COVID-19 and fundraised money to support Girl Up, a United Nations initiative to improve women's health, safety, and education. 

Virtual 5k

On International Women's Day, Power to Pakistan club members participated in the Aspen Snowmass ski parade from the top of Aspen mountain to the bottom.

2020 Ski Parade

The Popcycle, our ice cream bike, rode around town in the summer to fundraise money for Power to Pakistan.  

The Popcycle

The documentary, Girl Rising, captures the stories of 9 girls around the world as they struggle to obtain an education. This movie was shown at a Power to Pakistan event.

Girl Rising Movie Screening

Power to Pakistan club members handmade three COVID-19 masks: the Afshan Mask, Ayaz Mask, and Fazal Mask. Each mask was designed by one of our Pakistani pen pals.

COVID-19 Masks

The Summiya Scarf was designed by our Pakistani pen pal named Summiya and printed onto fabric to be made into a scarf. 

Summiya Scarf

Power to Pakistan club members volunteered at a booth selling Pakistani cookbooks and scarves.

MDF Annual Event

On International Women's Day, Power to Pakistan club members participated in the Aspen Snowmass ski parade from the top of Aspen mountain to the bottom.

2019 Ski Parade

Students from Aspen and Pakistan participated in a student-led panel discussion which focused on the stereotypes and misconceptions of each culture.

Panel Discussion

 COVID-19 Masks 


The Afshan Mask, Ayaz Mask, and Fazal Mask were each designed by Pakistani students. The designs emerged from a friendly competition held at our schools in Pakistan. The winners of this competition were three students: Afshan, Ayaz, and Fazal. During the time of COVID-19 Power to Pakistan wanted to give back to its community by helping to stop the spread of the virus, while continuing to fund scholarships to educate underserved youth in Pakistan. The designs were printed onto basic 100% combed cotton, which is made from ring-spun yarn and is much softer than conventional cotton. The masks were then handmade by Power to Pakistan club members. 


 Girl Up Virtual 5k 

During the time of COVID, Power to Pakistan engaged in a virtual 5k supporting Girl Up, a United Nations initiative to improve girls' health and safety around the world. Over 30 people participated in Power to Pakistan's team and we raised over $1,116. To participate in a virtual 5k, participants had the option of running for 30 minutes, biking for 15 minutes, walking for 45 minutes, or doing an online workout class for an hour. Some people sent in pictures of their watches to prove the distance they ran and other simply submitted a photo of them out biking, running, walking, or doing an online workout class. 



On March 11, #MyFreedomDay, a student-driven event created by CNN, was celebrated by the Aspen High School. My Freedom Day was made to raise awareness of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Currently there are over 40 million victims of slavery, so to honor these people, a school assembly was carried out by club President, Macy Hopkinson, and showed a portion of the documentary, Girl Rising, to highlight the struggles that girls face worldwide. Students participate in this day by creating videos that answer the question "what does freedom mean to you?" These videos are posted on social media using the hashtag, My Freedom Day, and the best ones are posted on CNN. 


 2020 International Women's Day Ski Parade 

On March 10, club members Macy Hopkinson, Ava Thornely, Pearl Soderberg, and Elleana Bone participated in Aspen Snowmass's International Women's Day ski parade from the top of Aspen Mountain to the bottom. A panel discussion highlighting the struggles of women was held at the Little Nell following the parade. 

 Girl Rising Movie Screening 


On Saturday night, October 12th, Aspen High School Club, Power to Pakistan, hosted a fundraiser showing the documentary, Girl Rising, at the Inn at Aspen. Girl Rising is a powerful film which captures the stories of nine girls across the world who face injustice and persevere to fight for their education. The event consisted of a Home Team BBQ buffet, popcorn, Summiya scarves, Power to Pakistan cookbooks, and more. Over 70 people attended the Girl Rising event where over $1,400 was raised which will educate seven girls in Pakistan this year!


 The Popcycle 

For the entire summer, members from Power to Pakistan worked at the ice cream bike called "The Popcycle" that raised money for the club. The Popcycle was located outside of various locations on the walking mall such as O2, Maru, Starbucks, and Basalt Bike & Ski. It also catered at kids' birthday parties and more! This summer project was not only a fun way to fundraise money, but also helped to spread awareness of Power to Pakistan and its message.

 2019 International Womens' Day Ski Parade 


Members from Power to Pakistan participated in Aspen's International Women's Day ski parade that began at the top of Ajax and finished at the bottom. Before the parade a panel was held at the top to explain the struggles that women have faced, as well as the many accomplishments that they have had. This event was both educational and entertaining for our club members. It was also an opportunity to spread the word of Power to Pakistan throughout the community.

 Marshall Direct Fund 12th Annual Reception 


Power to Pakistan club members volunteered at a booth selling Pakistani cookbooks and scarves. This Marshall Direct Fund event was sponsored by Lugano Diamonds and was their last fundraiser before joining the Moqah Foundation. The purpose of the event was "celebrating sustainability." 


 Pakistani Cookbook 

Power to Pakistan club members participated in a collaborative project of creating a Pakistani cookbook with the recipes that were exchanged from their pen pals. The cookbook includes some past and upcoming club activities, fifteen pen pal letters, and fifteen authentic Pakistani recipes. These are for sale for $45 and 100% of the profits will be donated to the Moqah Foundation. Buy your cookbook either at any Power to Pakistan event or have it delivered to your house.